Tips To Choose Accounting Services for Small Business Singapore

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Hiring accounting services for small businesses in Singapore undoubtedly carries an extensive amount of benefits, especially if you are looking for an alternative to quickly expand your start-up business.

You can gain the advantages of not worrying about complex aspects of entrepreneurship, and skip the hassle of enacting an entire accounting department and staffing issues. Our article includes a complete guide on how to choose the most suitable outsourced accounting services for your small business in Singapore.

At Relin Consultants, we are motivated to help you in advocating your business into the wide market of competitors.


For a small business, we understand how difficult it is to fulfil the obligations of your company. The hassle of establishing a brand for the public, determining lasting business operations, and ensuring a constant cash flow are all important in surviving in the business world. Relin Consultants are dedicated to making it easy for you and your organization in conducting daily business activities.

There is a tremendous amount of benefits that small businesses can outsource from accounting services. With our professional guidance, it is possible for you to achieve outstanding results by letting us handle your accounting needs. We will constantly inspect your financial health and determine alternatives to boosting cash flow.

The top functions that you may outsource from accounting services in Singapore are:

  • Budget creation and management
  • Expenses tracking
  • Financial strategy development
  • Accurate records for interested investors
  • Revenue and opportunity forecast
  • Operation adjustment recommendation
  • Financial health tracking
  • Growth monitoring
  • Payroll services
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Tax filing
Accounting services small business Singapore


As the benefits of hiring accounting services are endless for the growth and development of your company. However, like any other practice, you are advised to assess the pros and cons of hiring an outsourced accountant before hiring the same.

Outsourcing your company accounting function might be more valuable to you in one of the following circumstances.

  • Start-up environment with minimal employees below 10 people.
  • Experiencing temporary staff turnovers
  • Lack of physical presence of senior management in Singapore
  • Lack of budget and time to hire an entire accounting department.
  • Lack of experienced accountant within the team
  • Reducing your overall operational cost.

Speak to our consultants to further assess whether you need an outsourced accountant.


Choosing accounting software is crucial and one of the biggest decisions in starting up a company.

In order to find one that is suitable for your small business’ needs and budgets, and also the consideration in compatibility with the electronic devices that are available, you might be overwhelmed with the amount of software that is available in Singapore. We have summarized the top 3 Singapore accounting software that are potentially beneficial for you.


  • Keep business records separate – The most fundamental aspect of accounting is keeping strict, orderly records of all corporate spending. It goes without saying that business owners should always keep their personal and business finances separate, regardless of how small the firm is.
  • Plan for high expenses – Small firms frequently fail due to cash flow problems. So it makes sense to pay great attention to significant outlays of money. Some of them (such labor expenditures and office renting) may be ongoing, whereas others are one-time expenses. The company will save a ton of money with accurate financial forecasting.
  • Update your books regularly – Regularly updating your financial statements is a great way to keep your accounting books organized. These records will make it much simpler and quicker for the business owner to locate specific records and conduct any necessary strategic analysis. A glimpse of the company’s financial situation is always available due to updated financial reports.
  • Use digital solutions like accounting software – Accounting is a significant duty for any business, regardless of size. Small business owners can very readily automate manual accounting operations. Purchasing accounting software and/or services will help to achieve this. When compared to hiring more people, these are frequently quite economical and simple to implement.

Feel free to reach out to us for a non-obligatory consultation on which accounting software might be compatible with your business.


Why are accounting services necessary for small businesses?

Accounting helps in the management of assets, liabilities, revenue, and cash flow for business owners. This is quite helpful because it allows owners, managers, investors, and other stakeholders to monitor the financial performance of the company, which enables them to make decisions that are much more informed.

What accounting task is most crucial for small businesses?

The profit and loss statement, often known as a P&L or income statement, is the most crucial report for any organization. You may learn how much money a company makes through this report in addition to many other things. A well-run bookkeeping process comprises information about your spending and source of income.

How many accounts does a small business need to have?

To help you manage your small business finances, we advise opening three accounts: a checking, money market, and high-yield savings account.

What documentation is required to start a business account?

You and your company must both provide identification verification to open a business bank account. Your state-issued driver’s license, passport, company license, or partnership agreement are a few examples. There may also be a need for extra materials from your company.