Delaware Boat Registration – Registering Your Yacht

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The applicant must complete an authorized boater safety course and become familiar with Delaware boating laws to obtain a boating license. They must also apply for your Delaware boat registration if they buy their own boat. Every motorboat in Delaware must be registered, and the owner must always have a copy of the boat registration card.

The applicant must observe all state and federal boating laws to ensure their boating days are fun and safe. Learn about the laws governing boat registration, Delaware boating license requirements, navigation, necessary emergency equipment, and regulatory zones or speed regulations by enrolling in an instructor-led safe boating course or by taking an online course.

delaware boat registration


  • A completed Application for Vessel Registration
  • Payment for registration fees
  • Ownership evidence (bill of sale, prior registration, title, etc.)
  • A notarized bill of sale with the seller’s signature is required if the boat was previously registered in a non-title state and is in use.
  • A signed title from the previous owner if your boat has been used and previously registered in a title state
  • Copy of a photo ID
  • A photograph or pencil sketch displaying the boat’s hull identification number (HIN). This is typically found on the boat’s starboard-aft or right-rear corner.


  • Fill out the boat registration Delaware application form

The Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife website offers the Boat Registration Application form for download, or the applicant can pick one up in person at a DNREC office. Basic details about the boat, including the make, model, and hull identification number (HIN), are required on the form.

  • Give proof of ownership

The applicant must present proof of ownership to register your boat in Delaware. This could come as a title, bill of sale, or prior registration. When registering a new boat, a sales invoice or a manufacturer’s certificate of origin (MCO) is required.

  • Pay the registration fees

Delaware boat registration costs are determined by the length of the vessel. A schedule of fees is available on the DNREC website. The applicant can pay the “Division of Fish and Wildlife” with a check or money order.

  • Submit the application

The applicant can submit the application after completing the Boat Registration Application form, obtaining the proof of ownership, and paying the registration fees. This can be completed in person at the Delaware Boat Registration Office or Delaware Boat Registration online by mail. Make sure to send the application along with all required supporting documentation while mailing it. The application can be mailed to:

Delaware Fish and Wildlife Boat Registration Office

89 Kings Highway

Dover, Delaware 19901

  • Receive Your Registration and Display Your Decal

The applicant will receive the boat registration and a decal to put on the boat after the application has been reviewed and approved. The decal and the required registration number must be attached to the side of the boat, and the registration must be kept on board at all times.


  1. Boat owners are not allowed to display any other numbers in this area. The numbers must be applied as a decal, painted, or permanently affixed to each side of the boat’s bow.
  2. The number needs to be at least three inches tall, written in bold block letters, and painted in a colour contrasting with the boat’s hue.
  3. There must be a hyphen or an equivalent space between the numerals and the letters.
  4. The number must be read from left to right.

Validation stickers must be:

  • Fixed to the boat’s two sides.
  • Displayed parallel to and within six inches of the registration number.
  • They have to come before or after the registration number.
  • If they have expired, they must be removed. 


Within fifteen days, the Division of Fish and Wildlife Enforcement of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) must be notified if:

  • The boat has either been abandoned, lost, or destroyed.
  • The boat has been stolen or recovered.
  • The address of the boat’s owner has changed.
  • Ownership of the boat is transferred by the owner.

The applicant must apply for duplicates and pay processing fees to the DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife (or an authorized licensing agent) if they lose, destroy, or lose the Certificate of Number or decals.

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