Managing payroll is a critical aspect of any business, but it can be a complex and challenging process, especially in countries like the UAE. To ensure accuracy and compliance, outsourcing payroll services is a smart solution that offers numerous benefits.

From calculating wages to incorporating benefits like leave, vacation costs, insurance, and medical benefits, payroll management encompasses a wide range of intricate tasks. Our experts provide a comprehensive and efficient payroll solution to ensure your employees are paid correctly and on time.


Upgraded infrastructure and effective payroll systems 

Having access to the most recent technologies is one of the benefits of selecting the top payroll outsourcing services Dubai and the reason for this is that reputable service providers such as Relin Consultants will give the best payroll processing software and HR solutions. 

This is a big benefit for the business and staff because it also helps to increase operational efficiency. 

Additionally, the business will be able to save money on the costs of purchasing and maintaining an internal system and its supporting gear.

Reduce the risk of confidential information being leaked

If the business uses an internal server to store data, there is another kind of risk that you should avoid. Unauthorized people could access or disclose the private data and information of the business. A security issue will arise if it occurs, putting the company in grave danger.

However, these leakage risks can be reduced by utilizing a trustworthy payroll outsourcing solution. Additionally, sensitive information, including the names of the employees and company funds, will be safer.

Accuracy and dependability

Using the services of expert payroll outsourcing businesses can also assist in minimizing errors and mistakes made during payroll processing. Evidently, these mistakes and errors can have a negative effect on how the employees see the business. Therefore, it is essential to reduce them to safeguard the brand and prevent expensive repercussions.

Additionally, these mistakes could result in legal troubles and can have an impact on the internal team. Submitting documents to the appropriate government agencies late or with errors might result in fines and other penalties. But businesses may prevent these occurrences by working with trustworthy payroll outsourcing services in Dubai.

Access to specialized services and professional guidance

Payroll outsourcing businesses in the UAE usually will also offer HR support. In most cases, they also provide various services, including HR outsourcing, consulting, etc.

Additionally, by using these businesses as allies, businesses will receive professional assistance as well as knowledge and experience.


  • Leave management – The leave balance of the company will be calculated, which could be challenging at times. Our team will also oversee the workflow for employee leave requests and approval.
  • Employee database management – All the employee information and data will be uploaded into the system accurately. Separate employee files will be created and regular information updates will be performed.
  • Payroll processing – We will oversee the pay cycle and balance the current paycheck against the one from the prior month. The computation of regular pay, vacation pay, and the complete and whole settlement are all included in the payroll procedure. Before submitting the payroll for processing, our team will make sure that you have reviewed it and given your approval.
  • Salary disbursal and Statutory compliance support – The employee file and pay slip will be created using the Wage Protection System (WPS). Your employees will be paid immediately and on time through the WPS. Our group will also oversee any state-provided social insurance or security. After receiving your consent, all paperwork and authorization will be completed on your behalf.


The process of outsourcing your company’s payroll to Relin Consultants in Dubai may vary depending on the specific services you require and the size of your organisation. However, generally, the process may involve the following steps.

  • Information gathering – Relin Consultants will gather information about your company, including employee data and existing payroll processes.
  • Implementation – Relin Consultants will implement their payroll service Dubai, including setting up employee records, configuring payroll software, and training your staff on the new processes.
  • Data transfer – The company’s employee data and payroll history from the existing system to their system will be transferred.
  • Testing and validation – Testing and validation of the data transfer and the new payroll system will be performed to make sure that everything is working correctly. Once testing and validation are completed, the new payroll system will go live.


Relin Consultants has experience in providing payroll services to a variety of businesses in Dubai, and are well-versed in local laws and regulations. We offer a wide range of services that can be tailored to your specific needs, which can save you time and money.

We use advanced payroll software and processes and help you stay compliant with local laws and regulations, avoiding potential fines or penalties.

To know about company formation, refer to Dubai company registration.

Reach out to us at Relin Consultants to know more about our payroll services in Dubai


What is the cost of payroll services in Dubai?

The payroll services fees in Dubai can vary depending on the size of your organization and the specific services you require. Some common factors that may affect the cost include the number of employees, type of services, frequency of payroll, softwares used, and location of the business.

How is the end of service calculated in Dubai?

In Dubai, the end-of-service (EOS) benefit, also known as gratuity, is calculated based on the employee’s length of service and their final basic salary. According to the UAE Labor Law, the EOS benefit is calculated as follows:

  • 21 days’ wages for each year of service for the first 5 years
  • 30 days’ wages for each additional year of service

The final basic salary used for the calculation is the average of the employee’s last basic salary for the 12 months preceding the termination of their employment.

Can I ask for payroll services from a specialised firm in Dubai?

Yes, you can ask for payroll services from a specialized firm in Dubai. There are many firms that specialize in providing payroll services to businesses of all sizes and industries.

These firms can handle all aspects of payroll, including processing employee salaries and wages, handling taxes, and maintaining employee records. They can also help you stay compliant with local laws and regulations, and provide detailed reports and analytics for budgeting and financial planning.

What types of payroll services can I receive for my firm in Dubai?

The types of payroll services that you can receive for your firm in Dubai will depend on the specific needs of your business and the service provider you choose. Some common payroll services that are available in Dubai include payroll processing, tax compliance, employee record-keeping, payslip management, and end of Service (EOS) calculation.

Can I receive payroll services for a small company in Dubai?

Yes, you can receive payroll services for a small company in Dubai. Many payroll service providers Dubai offer services tailored to small businesses, with packages that include only the essential services that a small company may need. These services may include payroll processing, tax compliance, employee record-keeping, and payslip management.

Is payroll delivery an option for my company in Dubai?

Yes, payroll delivery is an option for your company in Dubai. Many payroll service providers in Dubai offer payroll delivery as part of their services. This service enables your employees to receive their paychecks or direct deposit to their bank accounts on time and in a secure manner.

Do accountants handle payroll?

Yes, accountants can handle payroll for a company. Many accountants offer payroll services as part of their overall accounting services.

They can handle tasks such as calculating and distributing employee salaries and wages, handling taxes, and maintaining employee records. They can also assist in compliance with local laws and regulations, and provide detailed reports and analytics for budgeting and financial planning.


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