Flexi Desk in Dubai – Location, Benefits & Important Factors

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Flexi Desk is referred to as a “Desk” or Smart Office by the business community in Dubai. In Dubai, flexi-desks are equipped with a desk and chair arrangement and are available to businesses registered under free zone authority.

The Flexi desk facility has no walls, cabins, or enclosures. In certain jurisdictions, flexi desks offer extra amenities such as a phone, broadband internet, and P.O. Box that are often found in shared workspaces. Unlike Virtual Office, Flexi Desk in Dubai offers physical office space for businesses or start-ups. 

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It is hard to start a business in the UAE without access to some kind of physical location, therefore having a flexi desk is necessary.

The applicant doesn’t have to rent an executive office because the flexi desk requirements do not apply in that case. The office will meet the business’s physical location requirement.

Certain free zones, such as SHAMS, allow the applicant to register the business without needing a flexi desk. But in this case, the company won’t be able to obtain a UAE resident visa and might have trouble opening a bank account. Every bank requires that a business operates out of a “tangible” location.

Mainland firms can be registered via Flexi Desk. Mainland corporations no longer need to lease an executive office to register as a business; instead, they can use a flexi desk. 


A Flexi desk space can help entrepreneurs tick off several crucial boxes, even though it’s not the only option for newly established companies in the United Arab Emirates. Choosing a Flexi desk office space also includes the installation of supplementary services like phones, internet connection, and reception facilities.

One major obstacle that new businesses face is the need to have a physical presence. If they wish to create a mainland business, they cannot get around this requirement because a mainland business requires a physical workspace. For the purpose of avoiding this issue, one can start in one of the UAE’s free zones.

Businesses could have trouble opening a bank account, and companies without a physical location are unable to apply directly for a UAE resident visa.

Doing business in the UAE is typically much easier when you have a physical presence.  For businesses of all sizes, flexi desk arrangements offer an adaptable and reasonably priced solution.

Having A Flexi Desk In Dubai Would Benefit Your Business If:

  • The company is new to the UAE and requires a first physical address.
  • Owners and staff need a base that is equipped with everything they need for an office.
  • You’re searching for a well-known area with a significant demand for longer-term office space.
  • Workers thrive in a coworking space with like-minded individuals.
  • Your business must have a physical address outside of the region in which you plan to conduct business.



Office space is cheaper in Dubai and Abu Dhabi than in their global competitors. This suggests that UAE citizens find these local business hubs to be quite appealing. Compared to Beijing, New York, and London, both emirates are less expensive.

However, the costs of these corporate centres will be decided according to their status as premium sites in the United Arab Emirates.

These office buildings’ flex desk options might not always be the most affordable option. On the other hand, there might be a remarkable return on investment due to the availability of talent and independent contractors, networking opportunities, and broad support.


If an entrepreneur can’t work from home, Flexi desks in Dubai can be an affordable business solution.

The size, accessibility, and reputation of additional facilities may impact costs. For example, many lavish meeting rooms are available where each business owner can welcome a potential client. But this comes at a price.

The reception services, security, and internet speed can all influence the decision to choose a Flexi desk location. Fortunately, because co-working spaces encourage collaboration, they often provide better value than searching for these facilities individually.

Finding the best location

One of the least expensive ways for a new company to obtain a physical location is through flexi desks. The applicant shouldn’t, however, underestimate the significance of the location.

It makes sense that a lot of would-be business owners think about the reputation and status of the address. 

Some free zones usually have various rules and are less location-restrictive. However, several free zones claim to offer absolutely no support for coworking spaces. The applicant must note that, in most circumstances, the Flexi desk should be located in the same region as the company registration.


  • Ajman Free Zone (AFZ)

Flexibility is a key component of the Ajman Free Zone. This free zone is one of the oldest economic zones in the United Arab Emirates. It was founded in 1988. It’s a popular choice because of the wide variety of businesses that operate there and the abundance of Flexi desk packages available.

  • Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ)

The RAKEZ centre attracts new firms because it supports companies of all sizes and sectors. Additionally, this free zone authority manages a number of local government projects, often speeding up the processing of visa applications. There are no physical presence requirements to start a business in the free zone.

  • Fujairah Creative City Free Zone (FCC)

The Fujairah Creative City free zone, well-known for offering the United Arab Emirates only direct access to the Indian Ocean, draws new companies with its straightforward layout. A Flexi desk location is sufficient for local visa applications; setup in this free zone is simple, and a local sponsor is not required.

  • Silicon Oasis Free Zone & DTEC

The Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Center is inside the Silicon Oasis Free Zone (DTEC). DTEC is a business facility dedicated to innovators and entrepreneurs with an emphasis on IT. Owing to its strategic location, a Flexi desk arrangement in DTEC gives access to office amenities such as phone numbers, meeting rooms, video conferencing, and postal addresses. 

  • IFZA Free Zone

Due to its ideal location in Dubai, major business centres and international transportation hubs are easily accessible from IFZA. It is the perfect place for companies that need to be connected globally. The networking opportunities are the primary advantage of forming an IFZA company.

Refer to our IFZA business incorporation page for more information.


Flexi desks are suitable for various types of organizations due to their structure. Some businesses, for instance, choose to use their desk space only for mail handling, meeting room use, and location.

The applicant should understand the terms of the lease for the Flexi desk space they ultimately select. This is because leaseholders may be subject to certain restrictions about the hours during which they are permitted to utilize the amenities.

A business owner interested in flexible working in the UAE should consider the following:

  • How long and how often do they need a Flexi desk?
  • There is a possibility that meeting rooms, conference rooms, and other facilities will be required.
  • Whether they need a strictly functional workspace or want to benefit from business support, think tanks, networking, and other platforms.


  • Scalability

A Flexi Desk office is ideal for rapidly growing or contracting companies. When the number of employees fluctuates, the applicant may simply add or remove desks without incurring any long-term commitments or fines.

  • Opportunities for networking with other professionals

The centre provides a fantastic opportunity to network with other experts in the field by sharing the space with them. One stays motivated and accomplishes more when one collaborates with like-minded people.

  • Convenience

All the facilities of a full-service office building, such as conference rooms, boardrooms, kitchens, and restrooms, are available when the applicant rents a Flexi Desk office. By doing this, they can avoid wasting time or money on renting more space for meetings and other activities.

  • Cost-effectiveness

Compared to standard leased offices, a Flexi Desk office is significantly more affordable. There are no long-term commitments or hidden fees; the applicant simply pays for the space they utilize.

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What is a Dubai flexi-zone?

Flexi desks are a way to hire a desk and chair in a coworking space within a free zone; the name itself just denotes that you have access to coworking area amenities and space.

What distinguishes a fixed zone in Dubai from a flex zone?

A flexible seating arrangement can help you save money if you’re not going to be using the coworking space every day. Flexi-desks are only available for one day, whereas fixed seats need to be reserved for a longer duration.

How may your business benefit from having a Flexi desk in Dubai?

  • Owners and employees can have a fully equipped base that meets all office needs.
  • Coworking spaces with like-minded people are ideal for workers. 
  • It will give you access to a real office space that is separate from the location where you wish to run your company.

What is the most crucial element in flexible office space?

Location and facilities are the most important things to consider in a flexible office space.

What distinguishes a virtual office from a flexi desk?

The primary distinction between a virtual office and a flexi desk is the physical office space. A virtual office is nothing more than a registered address; you are unable to operate a business at the “registered address.”