Guide To Choose The Right Payroll Service In Singapore

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A payroll service provider is an outside firm that businesses engage when they don’t want to deal with the hassle and expense of managing their own payroll. Depending on the type of managed payroll services they are providing, the external business will calculate employee pay, make all necessary deductions, assist in maintaining compliance with current laws, and submit files to the appropriate authorities.

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Guide To Choose The Right Payroll Service In Singapore


Full-service payroll provider

With just the information about the company and employees, a full-service payroll provider can handle the payroll from beginning to end. 

Full-service payroll is often simpler but also more expensive. Additionally, the applicant requires efficient methods for information sharing. They require prompt access to timesheets (for hourly workers) as well as notification of any changes to an employee’s employment conditions or tax status.

DIY payroll providers

Many providers handle the most challenging aspects of payroll while giving the applicant responsibility for basic administration. For instance, the applicant may keep personnel records and monitor time and attendance. However, the service providers will figure out every pay, tax, and other deduction. Additionally, they will set you up with software that simplifies the applicant’s tasks.



When outsourcing payroll, it’s important to choose a service provider that provides convenient services. The provider shouldn’t need to be contacted frequently by HR teams for questions or clarifications. This problem can be solved by providers who provide employee self-service portals and HR logins. Without assistance, employees can access basic information such as paystubs, and HR can track the progress of salary dispatch.

Specialized payroll services

Talk to the payroll provider about the company’s needs and be familiar with their entry-level package. They will let the applicant know whether more services are necessary and how much they will cost. After that, they will be able to modify their solutions to meet the business needs. The provider will handle the difficult activities, such as calculations, while the applicant may need to conduct a few minor payroll tasks internally. Make sure there are no unanticipated expenses.


A professional payroll service provider will have a team of specialists who are capable of handling a variety of payroll-related duties, including payroll computations, taxes, deductions, and other necessary chores.

The applicant can go to their office in person and speak with the payroll team, which can provide important information about their qualifications.

Services and costs

The applicant must make sure the payroll service company provides a range of services, from basic payroll processing to complex HR administration. They must make sure to enquire about any hidden fees.

Choose the payroll service provider that is most cost-effective by comparing their prices. 

Flexibility and scalability

It’s important to be attentive when selecting a payroll service provider who can meet the changing needs because the company may expand and alter over time. Look for service providers who can scale up or down their services and pricing as necessary. To ensure that the payroll services can adapt to your company’s changing demands, look for providers who offer customizable options and scalability.

Review employee information frequently

The applicant must inquire about the procedures used to update and verify personnel data. Providers must be cautious about updating employee information because changes may have an impact on deductions and legal responsibilities.


Choose a service provider who has a proven track record with satisfied clients. Additionally, they must be trustworthy, providing accurate and fast payroll processing.

Customer support

It’s crucial to take their customer service into account when picking a payroll provider. In order to better understand the payroll process, look for companies who offer training, and 24/7 support. To ensure they are up-to-date, it is also advisable to seek providers who offer updates on the most recent payroll rules, regulations, and resources for businesses.

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