What is IR8A Singapore and How to Apply?

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IR8A Singapore annual filing is a mandatory submission by all employers to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).

By March 1 each year, Singapore employers are required to complete the declaration to IRAS of their employee’s earnings in a previous calendar year.

What is IR8A and what are the related documents?

Form IR8A is a mandatory tax form filed to IRAS annually in Singapore. Its objective is to provide IRAS with information about your employees’ earnings. Depending on whether your employee is a foreigner, you may additionally need to provide supporting documents with Form IR8A, such as Form IR8A and supporting Appendix 8A, Appendix 8B, or Form IR8S. The details are as follows:

Form IR8A for YA 2021

All employees:

  • Full-time resident employee
  • Part-time resident employee
  • Non-resident employee
  • Company director including a non-resident director
  • Board members receiving Committee Member Fees
  • Pensioner
  • Employees who have left the company but were in receipt of income in 2021


Employers are not required to report the amount of overseas employment income on Form IR8A for workers’ abroad postings that are not incidental to their Singapore employment. Employers who participate in AIS must only pick “Income from Overseas Employment” as an “Exempt/Remission Income” indicator.

IR8A Singapore

Appendix 8A for YA 2021

Employees who were given benefits-in-kind, e.g. fringe benefits or other non-cash perks.

Appendix 8B for YA 2021

Employees who obtained profits or gains from Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOP) or other forms of Employee Share Ownership (ESOW) Plans.

How do I submit Form IR8A in Singapore?

Submit through AIS

Singapore employers can file the IR8A information online due to the initiative that is provided by the Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS). The data is then automatically incorporated into the employee’s income tax assessment. An organization with six or more employees is required to participate in AIS, whereas employers with five or fewer employees can opt-in.

Submit manually

If you opt for the second choice, you have until December 2022 to submit your IR8A forms manually if preferred. The Offline Application for IR8A Forms can be found on the website. Alternatively, you can distribute IR8A and the related documents to your domestic and international employees before March 1 so that they can file them on their own.

Tips for submitting IR8A

Provide each of your employees a copy of their IR8A form for their own keeping.

IRAS Service can validate your AIS company registration

While it takes some time to set up your IRAS, it will save you time when compared to hard copy submission.

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What should I include in IR8A?

You need to include basic employment details, such as salary, bonus, and director’s fees.

How do I submit AIS offline?

Scroll down and click Submit Employment Income Records from the left-hand side sub-pages menu. Under the “Submission via AIS Offline Applications” section, click Offline Application Version 12.0 to download and install the application.

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