How To Get A Business Visa For The Seychelles

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In general, a business visa for Seychelles allows a tourist to engage in routine business-related activities in Seychelles. Business visas are typically more difficult to obtain because the applicant will require an official business letter of invitation from the foreign company partner or a professional organization.

How To Get A Business Visa For The Seychelles

The visa holder can attend business conferences, conventions, meetings, and other business-related activities with a business visa. They will also be permitted to negotiate contracts, conduct business, and make business transactions. They may even be permitted to interview and hire employees while on a business visa.

Business visas are also more expensive in general.

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  • The applicant must have a valid and appropriate reason for visiting the nation.
  • The applicant must have a strong connection to their native nation and intend to return after their stay.
  • The candidate must, at the very least, meet the authorities’ minimal health requirements.
  • The candidate must have enough money to support themselves and any dependents throughout their stay.
  • The applicant must have a legal invitation from a legitimate company in the country with which they are/will do business.
  • They must be of excellent character and have a clean criminal record. They may be required to provide a PCC police clearance certificate for this.


The applicant must carry the following documents: 

  • Bring a passport valid for at least six months and one blank visa page
  • Maintain proof of sufficient funds.
  • Keep proof of onward/return flight tickets.
  • Hold paperwork proving the purpose of the travel.
  • Carry all necessary documentation for the next destination.
  • Confirm with their airline that they will be able to board without a visa because these criteria are subject to change.


  • The applicant must visit the Seychelles Immigration website to learn about the specific requirements for a business visa based on their nationality as different nations may have different requirements.
  • The applicant must fill out the application form. 
  • The applicant must make an appointment to submit their application with the Seychelles consulate or embassy in their country if necessary.
  • They must attend the appointment on the scheduled date submit all relevant documentation and provide biometric information such as fingerprints and a photograph.
  • After paying the visa application fees, depending on their nationality and the type of visa, they will be granted a Seychelles business visa. 

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Do I need to send my passport in order to obtain a Seychelles visa? Is sending a passport secure?

You must give your original passport, not a copy. The Seychelles visa is stamped in your passport and becomes one of the pages in your passport. Visa applications cannot be handled unless you have your original passport.

When is the best time to apply for a visa to Seychelles?

The best period to apply for a Seychelles visa is 1-2 months before your intended departure date.

How long is the validity of a Seychelles business visa?

A Seychelles business visa’s duration varies depending on the type of visa received and the purpose of your visit.