How To Get Industrial License in RAKEZ

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Industrial license in RAKEZ allows industrial production, which is the process of transforming products using either mechanical or manual methods. Final items are produced by a manufacturing process using raw materials, natural resources, and primary products. Additionally, it is possible to rent a warehouse where created goods can be stored and delivered separately.

One of the most scenic emirates, Ras Al Khaimah, offers industrial regions and specially defined zones where firms can launch their activities after receiving a RAKEZ industrial license.


  • Detailed business plan
  • Completed application form.
  • The design of the manufacturing plant
  • flowchart of the process
  • a list of the machinery and equipment
  • A copy of the applicant’s passport, visa, and entry stamp


  • The applicant must gather the listed paperwork and submit it to the appropriate RAKEZ authority.
  • To verify compliance with their rules and regulations, RAKEZ will examine the application and supporting documents. Depending on how complex the firm is, this process could take a while.
  • The applicant must lease a suitable warehouse inside the RAKEZ jurisdiction in order to conduct industrial operations as part of the industrial license requirements. Verify that the warehouse complies with all safety and legal requirements.
  • RAKEZ may require the business to hire a certain minimum number of staff members, usually 10 or more, in order to qualify for the industrial license. Make sure to follow the relevant labor regulations and give the hired employees the proper employment contracts.
  • RAKEZ will grant the industrial license after approving the application and verifying that the applicant has met all the requirements. They will be able to start their industrial operations in the RAKEZ-free zone legally with a license.
  • The Ras Al Khaimah Environment Protection and Development Authority (RAK EPDA), the RAK Municipality, and the Department of Civil Defense must all be requested for approval after the license has been granted. Additionally, the applicant requires HSE and TSS approvals, which attest to their warehouse’s compliance with ISO standards and guarantee that no unlawful or forbidden activities will be carried out there.


  • Electrical devices and equipment
  • chemical substances
  • Petroleum products
  • Ceramic and Textile Products
  • medication and medical equipment
  • packing supplies
  • food product manufacturing
  • Metal and metal components
  • Construction materials
  • Automobile and spare parts


The industrial zones of the UAE are set up to support the company’s operational and workforce needs. The following are a few of Ras Al Khaimah’s prime locations (RAK industrial areas):

  • Al Hamra –  With warehouses ranging in size from 150 square meters to 10,000 square meters, Al Hamra Industrial Zone serves both light and heavy industries. You can form a non-free zone or free zone entity here, as well as apply for investor and employee visas. Other facilities include housing for workers, offices, and land for development. 
  • Ghail Al – Large-scale, heavy enterprises can thrive in the Al Ghail Industrial Zone. It contains land plots that are at least 5,000 m2 in size that the businesses can use to build their facility. Additionally, there are accommodations for workers and employees in the neighborhood. Here, they can establish a free zone or non-free zone business and obtain visas for both the staff and investing partners.
  • Al Hulaila – For those engaged in heavy industrial manufacturing, Al Hulaila Industrial Zone is perfect. One of the key advantages of establishing your free zone firm here is its close proximity to Saqr Port, the area’s largest bulk logistical hub, which provides access to key business centers. Land, warehouses, employee housing, and offices are all available.


  • Tax Exemption – One of the key motivators for business owners, entrepreneurs, and industrialists to create a business entity in the UAE region is tax exemption. The RAK Emirates are subject to a similar rule, which exempts aspiring industrialists from paying taxes until they have established their company foundations.
  • Business parks and designated industrial zones – RAKEZ concentrates on attracting additional interest from business investors operating globally. The zone has taken a number of measures, one of which is the creation of segmented portions or zones devoted to the operations of relevant industries, such as manufacturing, trading, and services, among others.
  • Low Setup Cost – Businesses can benefit from RAKEZ’s unique cost-saving alternatives when setting up a business there. Low, medium, and large-sized warehouses are offered for use by various businesses, depending on the operations carried out. Therefore, regardless of the type or size of the organization, these customized options offer significant advantages to business investors. Refer to our page, Company Formation in Ras Al Khaimah, for more information about the business registration process.
  • Easy access to the MENA region and the global market – Once the business enters the RAK region, it will have numerous options to target the global market and attract opportunities. Other Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, etc., are a few open marketplaces. The MENA region ends up being one of the heavily targeted regions, and business owners do make enormous earnings and ultimately accelerate their company growth. 

Reach out to us at Relin Consultants for further assistance with getting your industrial license in RAKEZ.


What is the RAKEZ’s required minimum capital?

The minimal share capital is equal to $274 / 1000 AED. The authorized capital for an industrial license will be $27398/AED 100,000. There is no requirement for confirmation of share capital payments.

Is it possible for me to lease a space inside RAKEZ for the purposes of running my business?

Yes, RAKEZ provides a range of facilities that companies can rent for their industrial operations, including warehouses and industrial plots.

Is RAKEZ a government company?

One of the largest economic zones in the region, RAKEZ was created by the Ras Al Khaimah government to support industrialists, SMEs, startups, and startups with their business creation needs.

Can I own 100% of my industrial business in RAKEZ?

Yes, RAKEZ permits enterprises with industrial licenses to have 100% foreign ownership, so you can run your business without the help of a local sponsor.

Is there a time limit on the industrial license’s validity?

The industrial license in RAKEZ typically has a one-year validity and is annually renewed.

What is an industrial license in RAKEZ?

A RAKEZ industrial license enables companies to carry out production, manufacturing, processing, and other industrial activities inside the economic zone.