How To Verify Or Prove Ownership In Your LLC In Delaware

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You will probably need to provide documentation proving your ownership of your LLC if you are a business owner. Every state has a different LLC law. The state in which an LLC is formed will determine what ownership information is disclosed to the public.

Details about LLC members are not disclosed to the public by the Delaware Secretary of State. The LLC Operating Agreement contains this information, which is kept private.

How to Verify or Prove Ownership in Your LLC in Delaware


As a company owner, you may need to verify your LLC’s ownership in the following situations:

Opening a Business Bank Account

Starting a business normally involves transactions. Financing for your business can be simplified with a dedicated bank account. Banks require specific documentation proving your ties to the business when opening an LLC bank account.

This verification helps the bank maintain its standards for financial security while also confirming the existence of your company. When opening a bank account for an LLC, every entrepreneur should be ready with proof of ownership to prevent future issues.

Selling Your Business

Potential buyers or investors might ask for ownership documentation if you choose to sell your company or give a portion of its ownership. They must ensure that any agreements they make will be enforceable by law and that they are negotiating with an authorized person within the organization. Ensuring that your LLC stake is verified clearly will speed up the sale process and avoid unnecessary delays.

Purchasing or Financing Real Estate

If your company expands, you might consider making real estate investments, such as a warehouse, retail space, or office space. Mortgage companies or lenders will request proof of your LLC ownership.

Lenders want proof that you are authorized to commit funds on the company’s behalf. Their willingness to give money depends on the company’s profitability as well as the company’s standing.

Legal Conflicts

Unfortunately, legal conflicts occur frequently in the business world. You should provide verifiable evidence of your ownership in the LLC in case an outsider, fellow member, or other owner challenges your ownership interest.

Having the required paperwork easily accessible may speed up court cases and possibly avoid disputes altogether. 


  • Obtain the Delaware LLC Operating Agreement – This document describes the ownership and management structure of the LLC and is considered as its blueprint. When forming an LLC on their own, many business owners forget to create a formal LLC Operating Agreement. This may make proving ownership of the business difficult.
  • Store the Documents Safely – The Operating Agreement must be kept in an accessible and secure location. Note that a lot of registered agents do not keep copies, so it is your responsibility to make sure it is secure and easily accessible.
  • Seek Additional Documents – The LLC Operating Agreement may not always be sufficient to establish ownership. In this situation, you might find it helpful to obtain a Statement of Organizer. To reinforce your ownership claim even more, the LLC’s original members or managers are listed in the Statement of Organizer.
  • Maintain Up-to-Date Records – If there are any changes to the member roles or ownership percentages, make sure your LLC documentation is updated. Regularly reviewing and updating company records ensures that you’re ready for ownership verification inquiries at all times.


  • Not Updating Records – Whenever there is a change in your LLC, update your records immediately. This can include adjusting the ownership percentage, changing the management role, or changing the membership. Modifications to records keep things simple, especially during important business transactions.
  • Failure to Notify Banks about Ownership Changes – As soon as the ownership structure of your LLC changes, notify your bank. Failure to do so may result in frozen accounts or other banking issues.
  • Misplacing the Operating Agreement – Your LLC’s operating guidelines and ownership are verified in the LLC Operating Agreement. Make sure an original signed copy of the Operating Agreement is always accessible. An LLC may face difficulties if the Operating Agreement is lost, particularly if third parties require ownership verification.
  • Ignoring Regular Reviews – At least once a year, thoroughly go over the details and documentation related to your LLC. Frequent reviews help with identifying any discrepancies or out-of-date information and help you be ready for unexpected requests for proof of ownership.

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How do I prove ownership of an LLC in Delaware?

Each member of the Delaware LLC must sign a “operating agreement,” which is a contract that governs the LLC. To prove that you are a member of the LLC, you should have a copy of the agreement that you can show to a bank or other official.

Can anyone find out who owns a Delaware LLC?

Delaware provides LLC owners with excellent privacy protection. Delaware does not require that the names and addresses of LLC managers or members be disclosed in the formation documents, compared to certain other states.

Where can I find information regarding the initial members and the ownership structure?

Details like the member(s)’ name, address, and ownership percentage of the business are not part of the public record because they are not required to be provided to the state of Delaware. The Operating Agreement of the LLC contains internal documents that include this data.