ONE Pass Singapore – Benefits, Eligibility, Application Procedure

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One Pass Singapore – The Overseas Networks & Expertise (ONE) Pass, a brand-new work visa that the Singaporean government just unveiled, went into effect on January 1, 2023. With the introduction of the new ONE Pass Singapore, the government hopes to recruit top talent by offering them a longer work visa in an effort to restore stability.

One Pass is essentially a personalized pass that allows individuals to concurrently start, operate, and work for multiple companies in Singapore at any one time.

In this article, you will find the requirements as well as steps you must be aware of to get started on ONE Pass Singapore. 

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ONE Pass Singapore


Applying for the ONE Pass Singapore can be done in two different ways:

1. Salary qualification

For those who are already residents of Singapore, you must have earned at least SGD 30,000 per month in the calendar year before you applied, or show that you would do so during your future work in Singapore.

Candidates from countries other than Singapore must additionally show proof of employment in a business that qualifies as established during the year prior to their application. If a firm has a market value of at least USD 500 million or annual revenues of at least USD 200 million for a minimum of one year previous to the application, it qualifies as an established company.

2. Outstanding achievements

It should also be mentioned that those who have received official recognition for their excellent contributions to the sectors of the arts, sports, sciences, technology, and academic research may be excused from the wage criterion for the application of ONE Pass Singapore.


Depending on the application method you select, different documentation is needed for ONE Pass Singapore:

1. Salary

  • Passport page with background details
  • Your pay stubs each month for the previous 12 months
  • Most recent tax returns from Singapore’s Inland Revenue Authority (IRAS)
  • Evidence of income sources other than a set monthly paycheck (if applicable for your case)
  • Evidence of employment obtained from a background screening firm

2. Outstanding achievements

  • Pay stubs from the most recent month
  • Documents (if required) proving alternative income sources than a regular monthly pay
  • Significant accomplishments on a CV
  • ONLY for those who are pursuing the academic and research track:
  • Important papers, patents, or technological disclosures over the last five years should be listed on a CV
  • Send a letter of reference or a document of support from the local host institution for a possible post


Step 1: Application submission

The application form is completed, and the application cost of S$105 is paid by the candidate or a specialist professional agency. 

The majority of applications will be handled in 4 weeks. However, applications for “Outstanding Achievements” may take longer if the appropriate agencies demand additional evaluation.

Step 2: IPA letter

An applicant will receive the In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter if their application is accepted. You will need this pre-approved single-entry visa to enter Singapore. The IPA gives them six months to travel to Singapore and obtain the pass. It also specifies if they need to have a medical checkup or not.

Step 3: Enter Singapore

Applicants must make sure they are in compliance with the vaccination-based travel criteria in order to enter Singapore.

Step 4: EPSC appointment

Within six months of receiving in-principle approval, the applicant must schedule an appointment at the Employment Pass Services Centre (EPSC) to get the ONE pass. At the appointment, the following supporting documentation is required:

  • Letter of In-Principle Approval (IPA)
  • Original passport
  • Contact information (local cell phone number and email address)
  • Residential address in Singapore
  • Existing immigration or short-term visit permit details
  • Signed Medical Declaration Form (if applicable)
  • The issuing requires a payment of S$225. If necessary, an extra $30 for a Multiple Journey Visa

Step 5: Notification letter

A notification letter will be sent to the candidate once the documents have been submitted. While awaiting a pass, the candidate is permitted to work and travel in and out of Singapore while using the notification letter, which is good for one month. The notification letter will also include if the candidate needs to have their fingerprints registered and have their picture taken.

Step 6: Fingerprint and photo registration (if applicable)

Within two weeks of receiving their ONE Pass, candidates who haven’t registered in the past five years and new applicants must register their fingerprints and get their pictures taken. To schedule an appointment, candidates must contact the Employment Pass Services Center (EPSC).

Step 7: ONE Pass Singapore

Five working days following registration or document verification, the applicant will receive their card.


1. Employment flexibility

The Overseas Networks & Expertise Pass offers job flexibility by enabling qualified candidates to work for several businesses in Singapore at once.

2. Family passes

A limited number of family members may travel to Singapore with ONE Pass holder.

3. LOC for dependant pass holders

The Letter of Consent (LOC) may be used to apply for employment if you are migrating to Singapore with dependents who are in possession of valid Singapore dependent passes and who are travelling with you under the ONE Pass Singapore. This aids them in keeping their jobs when they relocate to Singapore.

4. Long validity

In comparison to other work visas, the ONE Pass Singapore’s validity is the longest. It provides international talent with the steadiness of remaining in the nation over a long term with a 5-year validity.

5. Business opportunities

Pass holders have the freedom to launch various enterprises and take on multiple responsibilities because the work pass is not limited to a single industry. As a result, they may distribute their knowledge across other businesses, thereby enhancing the sectors in which they operate.

6. No limitations on the type of business structure

At the moment, owners of Employment Passes are unable to run a company as a sole proprietor or a partnership. Those who have ONE Pass are exempt from this requirement.


If the requirements for renewal are satisfied, the ONE Pass may be renewed after it expires. Here are the qualifications for renewal:

  • The average fixed monthly wage for the previous five years in Singapore was at least S$30,000.
  • Incorporated in Singapore and running a business there with at least 5 local workers receiving a monthly minimum wage of S$5,000.

The required data for the renewal evaluation will be gathered annually by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). Holders of The ONE passes must provide:

  • Information about all of their professional activity from the previous year
  • Total yearly wage made through their professional endeavours during the previous year

The ONE Pass might be cancelled if MOM decides that you don’t make a significant contribution to the economy. This will have an impact on your stability, especially if you have dependents, as you won’t be allowed to live in Singapore.


Existing Singapore EP holders who meet either of the following requirements may upgrade to the ONE Pass:

1. Salary

The applicant now receives a fixed monthly income of at least $30,000 or will receive a fixed monthly salary of at least $30,000 from their prospective employer in Singapore during the next year.

2. Outstanding Achievements

Outstanding accomplishments in business, the arts, sports, science, and technology, as well as academics and research, are required from the applicant.


The ONE Pass Singapore, which became available on 1 January 2023, is a customized five-year work permit that permits the user to establish, oversee, and employ several businesses in Singapore at once.

In contrast to the EP, the onepass will be connected to the individual rather than the employer. Thus, the holder won’t need to reapply if their employer changes and won’t need to demonstrate that they have a job in Singapore before applying for the visa.


Who can submit a ONE Pass Singapore application?

The ONE Pass Singapore is open to applicants of all nationalities. If they satisfy the qualifications, individuals from abroad or those who currently have a work visa or pass may apply.

Does the ONE Pass allow you to bring the family?

Yes. On dependents passes or long-term visit passes, ONE Pass holders are permitted to bring their families to Singapore. The type of visa needed depends on the ONE Pass holder’s familial connection.

Family Member Visa Type

Legally married partner

Children under the age of 21 who are not married, including lawfully adopted children

Dependant’s Pass

Common-law partner

disabled children who are single and older than 21

stepchildren who are not married and are younger than 21


Long-term Visit Pass

Is the ONE Pass visa renewable?

Yes, you may renew the Overseas Networks and Expertise Pass. The pass’s original validity period is five years. If the renewal requirements are satisfied, ONE Pass may be extended numerous times for an additional five years.

Are ONE Pass owners permitted to launch their own business in Singapore?

Yes, owners of a ONE Pass may register their business with ACRA and establish it in Singapore for management and operation.

Can I have two work passes at once?

No, at any given moment, you are only permitted to hold one work visa.

Do I require an agent to apply for the ONE Pass or can I do it myself?

It is anticipated that people will be able to submit their own ONE Pass applications. However, it is always advised that you work with an employment agency that has a MOM licence to assist with your application.

Can those who already have a Singapore EP switch to ONE Pass?

If they meet the wage requirements or have distinguished themselves in the fields of commerce, the arts and sciences, sports, science and technology, and academics and research, current Singapore EP holders can switch to the ONE Pass.