Reasons Why Businesses Prefer Outsourcing Payroll Services

Businesses of all sizes are now utilizing outsourcing payroll services. The way small and midsize businesses conduct their business has taken on a new dimension as a result.  Would it make sense for your company to outsource payroll? Here are a few explanations for why so many people have opted for outsourcing payroll services. 10 [...]

Singapore GST Assisted Self-help Kit (GST ASK)

IRAS created and developed the Singapore GST Assisted Self-help Kit (GST ASK) to help businesses review the accuracy of their GST submissions and quickly find and fix previous GST problems.  In order to avoid the fines that are frequently imposed for any inaccurate GST reporting, it also enables the business to discover the problems and [...]

Understanding The South Korea Free Economic Zones

South Korea free economic zones (KFEZ) aim to increase regional and national commercial competition and foster balanced regional growth. This project is being managed by Korea's economic zone planning office.  The Korean government offers a range of tax advantages to foreign businesses and individuals, as well as a less demanding regulatory framework, a comfortable way [...]

Why Set Up A Turnkey Manufacturing In Southeast Asia

Turnkey manufacturing in southeast asia describes the complete manufacturing process, which includes services related to manufacturing and supply chain management, beginning with the procurement of materials and ending with assembly, testing, and shipping, warranty, and aftermarket support.  This procedure also includes services like design and delivery. In short, it is a service that handles every [...]

Vietnam VAT (Value-Added Tax) – Complete Guide

Vietnam VAT  (value-added tax) is levied on products and services at every point in the manufacturing process where value is added, from the beginning to distribution and consumption. Vietnam's VAT has a significant tax base, and the business will probably have to pay for it. VAT is imposed in Vietnam on all businesses and people [...]

Alien Resident Card (ARC) South Korea – Complete Guide

Alien resident card South Korea (ARC), which is also known as 외국인등록증, is widely used by foreigners who plan to stay in Korea for more than 90 days as an identification card, and they are obligated by law to carry it to wherever they go.  An Alien Registration Card benefits an applicant in functioning as [...]

Reasons Why Hong Kong Banks May Reject Your Application

Not everyone is guaranteed approval when applying for a bank account in Hong Kong. There are a number of reasons why Hong Kong bank may reject your application.  In this article, we'll explore the main reasons why Hong Kong banks may reject your application. Hong Kong is a global financial hub and boasts a highly [...]

How To Register Non-profit Organization In Bangladesh

This article will take you through everything you need to know to register a non-profit organization in Bangladesh. What is an NGO? The Non-Governmental Organization is a recognized legal entity that is neither a direct political official nor a member of the government.  NGOs are typically founded by a group of individuals who want to [...]

Branch vs Subsidiary vs Representative Office in Hong Kong

This article will let you know more detail about Branch vs Subsidiary vs Representative Office in Hong Kong. If you are someone looking forward to establishing a business in Hong Kong, then there are three options to think about. You can establish a branch office, a subsidiary company, or a representative office in Hong Kong. [...]

10 Things To Know About Incorporating A Company In Bangladesh

Bangladesh has developed into a desirable investment location because of its strong economic expansion. This article will provide a comprehensive guide on things to know about incorporating a company in Bangladesh. THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN INCORPORATING A COMPANY IN BANGLADESH Choose the right type of company In Bangladesh, there are several types of companies that [...]

Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission scheme might be relevant to you if you are considering a job in Hong Kong. As always, there are a few things you need to be aware of before you start.  HONG KONG QUALITY MIGRANT ADMISSION SCHEME The Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme uses a points-based system of evaluation, [...]

Hong Kong Dormant Company – What Should You Know

This guide will discuss the benefits of using a Hong Kong dormant company and the application procedure and requirements you must meet. Instead of deregistering your business in Hong Kong, you might consider filing for a dormant company if you want to stop your commercial operations temporarily.  WHAT IS A DORMANT COMPANY A limited company [...]