Singapore Dependant’s Pass (DP) Scheme

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You may now relocate your family to the country thanks to Singapore Dependant’s Pass. In addition, they might be granted permission to live and work in the area.

Singapore Dependant’s Pass


A Singapore Dependant’s Pass (DP) is a relocation visa given to certain family members of those who have an Employment Pass (EP), an S Pass, an EntrePass, or a Personalized Employment Pass (PEP).

Dependant’s Permits are valid so long as the person with the primary Singapore work visa is actively employed there. Holders with DP passes are not required to get separate Singapore entry visas in order to reside in, enter, or exit Singapore.


As long as the following criteria are met, your Dependants are eligible to apply for a Singapore Dependant’s Pass:

  • You presently own one of the four basic types of work passes, namely the Employment Pass, EntrePass, Customized Employment Pass, and S Pass.
  • If you have an Employment Pass or S-Pass, you make at least S$6,000 per month in pay. In the case of EntrePass, both your company expenditure and the number of local jobs you generate must meet a minimal level.
  • A spouse or unmarried kid under 21 who is your biological or legally adopted child is considered to be your Dependant.

Other Dependants who don’t fit the bill can get a long-term visit pass in their place.


  • A Dependant’s Pass application that has been completed
  • A photocopy of the passport page with your personal profile or that of your child
  • A certified copy of the birth, adoption, or marriage certificate as evidence of a relationship
  • Education background, if any
  • Details on students enrolled at schools in Singapore, if any
  • If applicable, the most recent job’s salary details. 

Please be aware that parents must sign application forms on their children’s behalf if they are under the age of 16. The original certificate copy must be presented alongside any pertinent documents that aren’t in English after being translated into English by a qualified translator.


The following actions must be taken by the employer or employment agency of the work pass holder before applying for a dependant pass:

Step 1: Application submission

The business or immigration services provider will often submit an application online using EP Online. For Dependants of EP and S Pass holders, MOM will typically complete the application within 3 weeks, or 8 weeks for Dependants of EP (Sponsorship), PEP, or EntrePass holders, once the application has been filed and the S$105 application fee has been paid.

Step 2: In-principle approval letter

The IPA will be sent to applicants through EP Online. After receiving the IPA, the candidate must travel to Singapore and ask for the Dependant’s pass to be issued. The Dependant pass must be issued within six months by a Dependant of an EntrePass, PEP, or EP holder. The DP will be issued to a Dependant of an S Pass holder in two months.

Step 3: Issue the dependant’s pass

To request the DP, the candidate must be in Singapore. The business or employment representative must also submit the following through EP Online in order to get the pass:

  • Information from the applicant’s passport
  • Information about the applicant’s existing immigration permit or short-term visit pass
  • The candidate’s Singapore residence address and contact information
  • The physical location where the dependant’s pass can be sent
  • At least one authorized recipient’s contact information and personal information must be provided so they can get an SMS or email alert with delivery information.
  • Payment of S$225

The following extra paperwork could also be needed in some circumstances:

  • A card for embarking or disembarking (immigration white card)
  • A signed health declaration form or medical examination form
  • The candidate’s IPA letter should be accompanied by a completed Declaration Form

The DP will be granted soon once the documents have been submitted.

Step 4: Notification letter

The applicant will be sent a letter as soon as the DP is released. The candidate may enter and exit Singapore while awaiting the pass card thanks to the notification letter, which is valid for one month. The notification letter’s validity may be increased if the candidate needs additional time to complete the card registration processes. The notification letter will also include if the candidate must submit fingerprints for registration and have a photo taken.

Step 5: Fingerprint registration and photo

As per the MOM, if the notification specifies that the defendant must register fingerprints and a photo, he or she must make plans to attend the appropriate MOM location and provide the following items:

  • Original passport
  • Letter of appointment
  • letter of notification
  • Documents referenced in the notification of the IPA letter

Step 6: Receive the dependant’s pass

All things considered, the card will be sent within 4 business days. Please be advised that the permitted receivers should be contacted by their mobile phone or the email address they provided one day prior to this delivery taking place.


Depending on the main pass type, you can apply for renewals anywhere between three and six months before the pass’s expiration date; otherwise, you’ll need to apply for a new pass. Upon registration, you will be evaluated based on a number of factors.

You can renew the pass for Dependants of EP or S-Pass holders using EP online, which takes 3 weeks to complete. For Dependants of EP (sponsorship) or EntrePass holders, you can renew the pass by mail, which takes 8 weeks to process.

Are the Dependant Allowed to Work or Study in Singapore?

Your Dependant is permitted to work like other pass holders as long as they have a Letter of Approval, which must be requested on their behalf by a sponsor.

If you can find a spot for them, your kids can go to any neighborhood school in Singapore. The reason for this is that local educational institutions generally give immigrant children minimal importance.

Can a Bearer of a Singapore Dependants Pass Become a Permanent Resident?

Holders of Dependant Passes may, at the appropriate time, apply for Permanent Residency alongside those who have other Main Work Passes.

In this manner, the results of both, i.e. whether the applications are allowed or not, will be sent concurrently.


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  • Onsite Support – You don’t have to travel to Singapore in person. All of the paperwork required for your employment pass will be created and submitted by us.
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What is the ideal time to apply for a family member’s Dependant pass?

After you apply for your work permit or after it has been approved, you can submit an application for your family’s Dependant’s Pass (DP). Using the following principles:

  • Dependant’s Passes for your family members will be handled at the same time as your work pass if you apply for both at the same time. This method is quicker, but keep in mind that you would have spent money you didn’t need on the Dependant’s passes if your work permit application was denied for whatever reason.
  • The alternate strategy is to apply for Dependant passes once your work pass application has been approved. This will result in your family members having to wait a few more weeks to pick up their Dependant passes.

Can children with a Dependant pass go to a local Singapore public school?

Absolutely, a kid with a Dependant pass can enrol at a neighbourhood school in Singapore. Nevertheless, enrollment is contingent on openings at the neighbourhood school. When it comes to enrollment in local schools, foreigners are given the least amount of consideration. Priority is given to Singaporeans first, followed by permanent residents, dependants pass holders, then holders of student passes. Because of this, enrolling DP holders at prestigious local institutions might be challenging.

But, if you are considering enrolling your child, you should get in touch with the neighborhood school of your choice and ask whether your child could be admitted.

What is the validity of the Singapore dependant’s pass?

The supporting Employment Pass determines when the Dependant’s Pass expires.

How can a new DP card be obtained if the original card has been lost, stolen, or damaged?

To obtain a replacement card, the designated employment agency or employer (the business) must be notified. This needs to be completed a week after the loss.

You must submit a police report with the replacement card application if your DP card was taken. Keep in mind that the report has to be written in English.

You must get in touch with the employer of the primary work permit holder right away if your card is misplaced abroad so that MOM is informed. After that, you will receive a letter allowing you to leave Singapore and return.

How can I apply for a new DP card? What is the cost?

Applications for replacement cards can be submitted online at the MOM website using the EP. A price of S$60 will be charged for a damaged card, a fee of S$100 for a lost card, and a fine of S$300 for each further lost card. These costs cannot be reimbursed.