Singapore Employment Pass Scheme – Detailed Guide

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A Singapore work visa, known as Singapore Employment Pass Scheme, or EP, is given by Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower to foreign professionals working as managers, owners, or directors of Singaporean businesses. With the help of this work visa, the applicant can enter and exit Singapore and live and work there without needing an entrance visa.

Singapore Employment Pass Scheme

An Employment Permit can be renewed after its initial validity period of one to two years. The applicant can apply for Singaporean permanent residence (PR) more easily if they have an EP.


  • The holder of an Employment Pass in Singapore is permitted to reside and work there as an employee of the Singaporean company that is sponsoring them.
  • The sponsoring firm or the authorized corporate service provider with the Employment Agency (EA) license in Singapore, which is necessary for employment agencies to operate in Singapore, must submit an application for an Employment Permit.
  • A set monthly salary of at least S$5,000 must be received by the applicant. Singapore occasionally demands more experienced candidates in order to pay greater compensation.


  • Individuals of all ethnicities are eligible to apply for an EP. The nationality of applicants for the visa is unrestricted because it accepts new, qualified talent from all around the world.
  • Before one can submit an application for EP, the foreign applicant must first receive a job offer.
  • The applicant must demonstrate their suitability for roles in management, executive, or specialization.
  • Foreign professionals with undergraduate recommendations are required to provide documentation of a fixed monthly wage of at least S$5,500 or S$5,500 in the financial sector. The applicant’s qualifications will determine the minimum payment requirement. Candidates with more experience should provide evidence that their pay exceeded those of their competitors.
  • Applicants must demonstrate their expertise with satisfactory results from a reputed diploma or undergraduate institution.
  • Also, they might need to demonstrate their professional experience, specialized knowledge, and credentials.
  • If an eligible applicant earns at least S$6,000 from their salary as an EP holder, their parents may also apply for a Long Term Visit Permit.


  • A properly signed EP Application Form 8 from the Singaporean employer
  • A copy of the most recent CV and copies of any relevant academic credentials
  • References or recommendations from prior employers
  • Recent three-month-old, passport-size photo of the applicant
  • A copy of the passport page with the personal information
  • A copy of the Singaporean employer’s corporate profile
  • A detailed breakdown of the job responsibilities
  • A thorough outline of the operations and/or output of the Singapore company that is employing the applicant.


Step 1: Submitting the application

Applying for an Employment Pass can be done in one of two ways:

  • If the Singaporean employer has set up an EP online account, they can register online. The typical processing time for online applications is three weeks from the date of submission.
  • A manual application that allows for attaching all supporting documents is also an option (which cannot be done online). The typical processing time for manual applications is 8 weeks from the date of submission.

Step 2: Receiving the In-Principal Approval (IPA) letter

The applicant will get the IPA through myMOM if the application is accepted. After receiving the IPA, the applicant has six months to travel to Singapore and ask MOM to issue the employment pass.

The candidate will also receive a notification letter. They may work and travel in and out of Singapore while the notification letter is valid. In addition, the notification letter will mention if the candidate has to have his or her fingerprints registered and photo taken.

Step 3: Registering fingerprints (If necessary)

After two weeks of receiving their Work Permit, new applicants and applicants who last applied more than five years ago must register their fingerprints and have their pictures taken. The Employment Pass Services Center must schedule an appointment for prospective applicants. Candidates must be prepared with the following documents at the appointment:

  1. Original passport
  2. Letter of appointment
  3. Letter of notification
  4. Documents mentioned in the notification letter and the IPA letter

The application’s total processing time could differ by a few days or weeks. This is because of a number of things, including the credentials of the Singaporean employer, the applicant’s qualifications, and the accessibility of supporting documentation.


In Singapore, an Employment Permit has a two-year expiration date and may be extended for another three years.

The firm or employment agency must submit all renewal requests via myMOM. Up to six months before the pass expires, a renewal request may be made.

Also, the application for renewal must reach MOM at least two weeks before the Work Permit expires. The candidate will need to apply for a new pass if the current pass is not renewed before it expires.

Not every renewal is guaranteed. Depending on any new information, each renewal application is reviewed. Candidates seeking renewal of an Employment Pass must earn at least S$4,500 per month, and more experienced workers must earn more, much like when applying for a new Employment Pass (which will increase by September 2023).

After receiving the new Employment Pass card, the applicant must submit the old Employment Pass card to the following location:

Work Pass Division

Ministry of Manpower

18 Havelock Road

Singapore 059764

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What If the Employer Changes?

The new employer must apply for a new Employment Pass if an Employment Pass holder decides to change jobs. This also remains true if a holder of an Employment Pass is changing jobs from the parent firm to a subsidiary or vice versa.

Before granting or rejecting the new Employment Pass, MOM will assess the applicant’s eligibility and credentials.

Before applying for a new Employment Permit, the current Employment Pass holder must not cancel their current Employment Pass.

What is a Singapore Personalised Employment Pass?

A different kind of employment pass that is not connected to a particular company is the Singapore Personalised Employment Pass (PEP). PEPs are intended for exceptionally qualified people who want to work in Singapore.

As long as the holder is not unemployed for more than six months, this permit enables job switching in Singapore without reapplying for an entrance visa.

How does a Personalised Employment Pass differ from an Employment Pass?

They are comparable in a lot of ways. Both permits entitle their holders to live and work in Singapore, to enter and exit the country without a visa, to bring family members over as dependents, and to enter the country on long-term visits.

Holders of Personalized Employment Passes must meet a number of extra criteria, though:

  • In Singapore, the applicant is not permitted to launch a business. This involves working for their own business or taking on entrepreneurial activities. However, they are permitted to earn a salary as a director of a business that they do not own.
  • Holders of Personalized Employment Passes are required to make a fixed salary of S$144,000 annually for the entire period of the pass.

How do I qualify for a Personalised Employment Pass?

You must fulfill one of the requirements listed below:

  • You have an Employment Permit and make a minimum of S$12,000 every month. Moreover, you made a minimum fixed annual income of S$144,000 the year before.
  • You are a foreign professional making at least S$18,000 per month in last-drawn fixed compensation. Six months or less should have passed since you last received a paycheck before submitting a PEP application.

How do I renew my Personalised Employment Pass?

The Personalised Employment Pass cannot be renewed after three years have passed, unlike the other work passes. At expiration, you have two options: apply for permanent residency or keep working in Singapore with an Employment Permit.

Moreover, your pass may be cancelled at any time. Once cancelled, you won’t be able to submit an application for another Personalized Employment Pass

Are an Employment Pass and a Work Pass the same thing?

An “Employment Pass” is a particular form of work pass, although the word “work pass” is a general term that’s used for a range of visas that allow a person to work in a country. Before beginning to work in Singapore, every foreigner who intends to do so must have a current work pass (sometimes referred to as a work visa).

The Employment Pass, ONE Pass, EntrePass, Personalised Employment Pass, S Pass, and Work Permit are just a few of the several work pass alternatives that Singapore offers. Managers, executives, experts, and other qualified professionals who want to work in Singapore should consider getting an Employment Pass.

How long does it take to get an Employment Pass in Singapore?

In Singapore, whether an application is submitted manually or online will affect how quickly it is processed. The online method typically requires three weeks.

The time frame for applications that are manually submitted is at least eight weeks from the date of application receipt. 

What is the minimum salary requirement to obtain an employment pass in Singapore?

Young graduates from recognized colleges must make a fixed monthly wage of at least S$5,000 in order to be eligible for an Employment Pass in Singapore. Salary levels must also be appropriate for the position and experience. Hence, in order to qualify for the Employment Pass, more experienced applicants must earn higher salaries. Applicants for managerial roles should typically make S$8,000 or more.

How can I cancel my Employment Pass?

Upon termination of work or one day after the Employment Pass expires, your employer must cancel your Employment Pass within seven days.

It should be noted that all associated Dependent Passes, Long-Term Visit Passes, and Letters of Consent will also expire upon the cancellation of the Employment Pass.

Can I bring my family members to Singapore on an Employment Pass?

If the holder of an Employment Pass has a monthly wage of at least S$6000, they are all permitted to bring their families to live in Singapore. Your employer must fill out a separate application for each family member in order to apply.

A Dependent Pass allows legally married partners and unmarried children under 21 to enter Singapore.