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A special pass Singapore is a card that allows visitors from other countries to stay in Singapore. This pass cannot be given to just anyone; it can only be used for a few specialised tasks, such as attending court, helping investigations, and providing assistance to stateless people who reside in Singapore. Only the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) are authorized to issue these unique passcards.

Special pass singapore

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  • Special pass cards enable the applicant to reside in Singapore for certain objectives such as making a claim for a work injury, making a salary claim, or helping with an investigation.
  • Only the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) and the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) are authorised to issue Special Passcards. (ICA). These authorities also issue practically all of the passes and permits in Singapore.
  • Foreign nationals who own special passcards are not permitted to work for any Singapore-based businesses, and it will be considered offensive if any special pass holders are discovered working and receiving payment while doing so. The Singapore government is entirely within its rights to file a lawsuit against those SP holders if this occurs.
  • The validity of each Singapore special card is limited in time.
  • One can submit a renewal request at MOM (Hall C) or ICA if they want to stay in Singapore for an extended period of time.
  • The applicant must file a police report and get a replacement special pass card by going to MOM or ICA centre if the special pass card has been lost or stolen.


For the holder of a work permit, you must fill out a particular pass form.

It won’t take long to fill out the form, maybe around 10 to 15 minutes.

Make sure to carefully read the directions before filling out the form because even one error can cause your entire effort to be wasted.

  • Only if the business is registered as a partnership or sole proprietorship must a partner or proprietor fill out and sign the form.
  • Private limited company directors who are registered with ACRA may also fill out and sign the form. If the company’s director wants to designate an employee to sign the form, they will first need to send a written authorization to the Ministry of Manpower. They can designate the employee to sign the document if the MOM gives them permission to do so.

The employer will then be required to provide information regarding the application in the following phase, such as the fact that they are applying for a special pass for their injured personnel. The form should also include the application’s submission date.

The employer needs to mention some basic details about their Organisation such as:

  • Unique Entity Number (UEN)
  • Name
  • Accommodation details of a worker

Employer will be required to mention the accommodation details of the worker, which includes:

  • Address of the workers,
  • Bed type
  • Type of housing
  • three coloured photographs of the accommodation that is provided to the worker.

The photographs include:

  • Interior of the bedroom
  • Living/dining area

Finally, the Singaporean government’s declaration must be accepted by both the employer and the immigrant worker.

The list of declarations that the employer and work permit holder must agree upon is available on the Ministry of Manpower’s official website.


  • The company request letter on company letterhead, which must include a justification for the special pass request, must be brought by the applicant.
  • The applicant must present the actual passport, and in the event that the passport is stolen or misplaced, they must also bring the police report.
  • Additionally, if applicable, the candidate must bring their medical appointment card.
  • The applicants must also provide their work permit cards.
  • The applicant must include at least three colour images that illustrate the accommodations provided to those with valid work permits.

The applicant must go to the MOM Services Centre in order to fill out the application.

The firm representative does not need to be present if the form is fully completed and includes all necessary photos.

Difference between Singapore Special pass and Student pass

Feature Singapore Special Pass Student Pass
Purpose For foreign individuals who are in Singapore for a short period of time and have completed their original work permit or visa For foreign individuals who are studying full-time in Singapore
Eligibility Applicants must be sponsored by a Singapore employer or a government agency Applicants must be accepted by a Singapore educational institution
Validity Generally valid for up to 30 days, but can be extended up to 6 months in certain cases Valid for the duration of the course of study, with the option to renew annually
Work eligibility May be allowed to work if approved by the Ministry of Manpower Allowed to work part-time during school term and full-time during vacation periods
Dependents Not eligible to bring dependents May be eligible to bring certain dependents, such as a spouse or children

Cancellation of Work Permit

  • Being an employer of the foreign worker whose work permit is cancelled, the employer will require fulfilling the set of conditions given under the employment of foreign manpower regulations.
  • The employer is also required to manage the cost of food, medical treatment and several other accommodations. Also, it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that the safety and well-being of the foreign worker is not compromised.

Security bond

  • For each foreign worker the employer seeks to hire for the business, the employer must buy a security bond worth $5,000.
  • Both employer and the foreign employee must adhere to the terms of the security bond. It’s possible that the security bond will be cancelled if any of them break the rule.
  • The employer shall be completely liable for the foreign worker’s health, including the cost of medical care, in accordance with the terms of the security bond.


The employer can ask for an extension of their Special Pass if their Work Permit holder requires more time to depart Singapore (for instance, if their flight was rescheduled or there were only a few flights available because of border restrictions imposed by their home nation or region).

Log in to the relevant Service:

Kindly submit the extension request one week before the Special Pass expires. For instance, only submit the request starting on April 3 if the Special Pass expires on April 10. 

Please make sure that they are always in possession of a valid visa. Otherwise, a fee for overstaying will be applied.

Give the employee the new Special Pass. When departing Singapore, the employee must provide it along with a current passport to the immigration officer.

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  • Legal stay – The Special Pass allows you to remain legally in Singapore while you arrange your next visa or work permit.
  • Extension – The pass can be extended up to 6 months in certain cases, providing you with more time to complete your affairs in Singapore.
  • Work eligibility – If approved by the Ministry of Manpower, you may be allowed to work in Singapore while on a Special Pass, providing you with a source of income while you arrange your next work permit or visa.
  • Flexibility – The Special Pass is a more flexible option than a standard work permit or visa, as it allows you to remain in Singapore for a short period of time without the same level of restrictions.
  • Opportunity to explore – The temporary nature of the Special Pass may provide you with the opportunity to explore Singapore and its culture without committing to a longer stay.


What is a Singapore Special Pass?

The Singapore Special Pass is a type of pass issued to foreign individuals who are in Singapore for a short period of time and have completed their original work permit or visa.

Who is eligible to apply for a Singapore Special Pass?

You must be sponsored by a Singapore employer or a government agency to apply for a Singapore Special Pass. You also need to meet certain eligibility criteria, such as having a valid passport and not being in Singapore on a social visit pass.

How long is a Singapore Special Pass valid for?

A Singapore Special Pass is generally valid for up to 30 days, but can be extended up to 6 months in certain cases.

Can I work in Singapore with a Singapore Special Pass?

You may be allowed to work in Singapore with a Singapore Special Pass if approved by the Ministry of Manpower. However, the pass is primarily intended for individuals who have completed their original work permit or visa and are in the process of arranging their next visa or work pass.

Can I bring my dependents with me to Singapore on a Singapore Special Pass?

No, you are not eligible to bring dependents with you on a Singapore Special Pass.

How do I apply for a Singapore Special Pass?

You will need to apply for a Singapore Special Pass through your employer or government agency. They will submit the application on your behalf to the Ministry of Manpower.