Tips To Choose The Right XBRL Service Provider For Singapore Business

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Outsourcing in the context of XBRL typically refers to a business practice where a third party from outside the organization is engaged to complete the task.

It can take a lot of effort and time to prepare and submit financial statements in XBRL format. Companies that need to provide their data in the XBRL format can either hire internal staff members specifically for that task or outsource the entire XBRL filing procedure.

Tips To Choose The Right Xbrl Service Provider For Singapore Business

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Companies can concentrate on more important and basic aspects of their business by outsourcing the creation and presentation of financial data in XBRL format.

While some businesses view XBRL outsourcing as the ideal strategy, others are concerned about their data being leaked or misused, both of which are quite common in the Internet age.

Companies can choose to outsource the process of XBRL compliance to avoid feeling overburdened and busy with a monotonous task as a result of compliance procedures. Companies can then focus on essential functions by handing off less important operations to outside firms.

In addition to the many advantages of XBRL outsourcing, one of the key advantages is that it lowers costs associated with salaries, software maintenance, and equipment.


  • Company Profile – Learn more about the experience, qualifications, and past performance of the XBRL service provider. Consider their background, skill set, and track record for creating precise and legal XBRL filings.
  • Cost-Effectiveness – While cost is important, don’t base your decision just on the alternative that is the least expensive. Cost should be compared to the provider’s level of competence, accuracy, and capacity. For a slightly higher cost, better accuracy and assistance might be offered, saving you from possible fines and re-submission fees.
  • Client Portfolio – To find out if the service provider has expertise working with businesses of your industry, size, and complexity, look at their client list. A provider who has worked in your industry before might be more familiar with the specific reporting requirements and challenges you might face.
  • Effective communication – A successful XBRL submission process requires good communication. Make sure the service provider offers efficient customer support, clear lines of communication, and a dedicated point of contact who can address your inquiries and problems promptly.
  • Security precautions – When you give client-sensitive and organization-related information to a third party, it is essential to make sure that the appropriate safety precautions are in place. Before enlisting the services of any third party for outsourcing activities, investigate the management’s trustworthiness and track record.
  • Transparency – To ensure that reporting is completed on time, members of both teams should exchange the necessary information that is factual and correct to the best of their knowledge. In some cases, old information is useless. Therefore, it is preferable to convey the proper information at the right time in a transparent manner.
  • Tools and Technology – Examine the XBRL software or tools that the provider offers. Check if they follow the most recent regulatory requirements of Singapore and are up to date. Tools that are simple to use speed up the planning and submission process.
  • Reviews and References – Check for feedback or references from other businesses that have utilized the service provider’s services. This could provide insight into the advantages and potential for future expansion.
  • Customization – Financial reporting requirements vary from company to company. Check and see if the service provider can adapt its solutions to fit the particular requirements. Customization can ensure that the reports accurately reflect your company’s financial situation.

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