Company secretarial services in the United Arab Emirates refer to the professional support and assistance provided to companies in maintaining compliance with various corporate regulations, laws and requirements.

These services include registering a company, preparing and filing statutory returns, maintaining accurate company records, and providing advice on company governance and regulatory compliance. The main objective of company secretarial services is to help companies meet their legal obligations and ensure smooth functioning.

Company secretarial services in the UAE can help companies in free zones, mainland and offshore, resolve these challenges by handling their administrative duties, regardless of size. This allows a company to run successfully and consistently.

If you want to establish a new company, refer to the UAE company registration guide for more information. 


The advantages of company secretarial services can be summarised as follows:


Company secretarial services ensure that a company is in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, thereby reducing the risk of penalties and legal action.


Maintaining accurate records and ensuring that all required filings are filed in a timely manner is an essential part of UAE corporate secretary services.


Proper governance of a company is crucial for its success, and company secretarial services provide guidance on best practices and regulatory compliance.

Efficient Operations

By outsourcing company secretarial services, a company can focus on its core operations and leave the administrative tasks to professionals.


Using professional company secretarial services projects a level of professionalism and credibility, enhancing the reputation of a company.


The role of a company secretary in the UAE is crucial in ensuring the effective governance and compliance of a company. The following elaborates on the responsibilities listed:

Proper record-keeping

The company secretary is responsible for maintaining accurate and up-to-date records of the company, including records of shareholders, directors, and other important documents. This is important in ensuring the company’s compliance with various laws and regulations and in facilitating efficient decision-making by the company’s management.

Statutory compliance

The corporate secretary UAE is responsible for ensuring that the company complies with all relevant laws and regulations, including filing annual returns, preparing and filing statutory reports, and complying with disclosure requirements. This is crucial in avoiding penalties and legal action against the company.

Preparation of AGM minutes

The company secretary in UAE is responsible for preparing the minutes of the Annual General Meeting, which is a record of the proceedings and decisions of the meeting. This is important in ensuring that the company’s stakeholders are informed about the company’s performance and future plans.

Filing changes and other compliance matters

The company secretary is also responsible for assisting in the filing of changes in the company’s details and other compliance matters indicated under the Companies Act. This includes changes in the company’s structure, details of directors and shareholders, and other important information.


Company law

There will be a UAE corporate secretary on site to provide the directors with important business legal guidance. It will also cover the prerequisites for making decisions, issuing additional shares, and declaring dividends. This advice is essential because the directors’ actions could not be legal.


The company’s statutory registers, including the register of members, will be kept up to date by the UAE company secretary. Who owns the business is eventually determined by this document. The tasks listed above are not only significant in a highly competitive corporate environment like the UAE, but records are also essential to the smooth administration of the company.

Corporate governance

Good corporate governance is essential to ensure that the business operates in the shareholders’ best interests and as it should. Business Setup Worldwide offers expert company secretarial UAE services to ensure that best practices are followed when it comes to the decisions made by directors and their interactions with shareholders.

Advice and assistance

Giving advice and recommendations on appropriate office spaces based on the business’s commercial license. If necessary, refer the company to an auditor and communicate with the auditor to give the auditor the essential information. Giving general advice on corporate secretarial UAE procedures, working with the group and other partners as needed.


Appointing Relin Consultants as your company secretary in the UAE is a straightforward process that involves the following steps.

  • Reach out to Relin Consultants by phone, email, or through our website to discuss your requirements and determine if they are the right fit for your company.
  • Schedule a consultation with one of Relin Consultants’ experts to discuss your company’s specific needs and to get a better understanding of their services.
  • During the consultation, you will be asked to provide information about your company, including its legal structure, business activities, and current company secretary arrangements.
  • If you decide to appoint Relin Consultants as your company secretary, you will be asked to sign a service agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the services being provided.
  • Relin Consultants will handle all necessary formalities and provide the necessary support to ensure a smooth transition to their services.
  • By working with Relin Consultants, you can have peace of mind knowing that your company’s secretarial requirements are being handled by experienced professionals.


We are a corporate secretary provider in UAE and have a team of professionals at Relin Consultants with complete knowledge of UAE laws and regulations. We will provide Corporate Secretarial services suitable for your business structure, size, and activities.

Reach out to us at Relin Consultants to know more about our corporate secretary service in UAE.


What are company secretarial services in UAE?

Company secretarial services in the UAE refer to the administrative and compliance support provided to companies registered there. These services ensure that the company follows the regulations and laws set by the government, and assist with tasks such as filing annual returns, preparing board meeting minutes, maintaining statutory records, and ensuring compliance with local laws.

These services can be provided by in-house staff or a specialized corporate secretary firm in the UAE.

What does a UAE Notary Service Do?

A notary service in UAE is a government-authorized individual or organization that provides authentication and certification of legal documents. The role of the notary is to verify the identity of the signatory, witness the signing of the document, and affix their official seal and signature to the document to make it legally binding.

The notary service also ensures that the document meets the legal requirements for its intended use, such as attesting to the authenticity of a power of attorney, a passport copy, or a signature on a commercial contract. The notary service in UAE plays an important role in safeguarding the legal validity and enforceability of documents.

When is UAE attestation required?

UAE attestation is required for foreign documents to be legally recognized in the UAE, such as educational certificates for university admission or employment, marriage certificates, commercial contracts, and power of attorney. It involves verification and certification by government-authorized individuals or organizations.

Why is it necessary to hire a corporate secretarial service in the UAE?

Hiring a corporate secretarial service in UAE is necessary to ensure compliance with government regulations and laws, save time and resources, benefit from expertise, and have peace of mind that administrative tasks are handled effectively.

How should I start with a corporate secretarial service in the UAE?

To start with a corporate secretarial service in UAE, follow these steps.

  • Research providers
  • Choose a provider that fits your needs
  • Schedule a consultation to discuss your company’s needs
  • Sign a contract with the provider
  • Provide necessary documentation and information for the provider to begin their services.


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