Why You Should Get Nominee Director Service in BVI

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A nominee director is a representative chosen by the company’s beneficial owner in order to maintain more privacy. One of the quick ways for business investors to conceal the true identity of the firm owners is through nominee director services in BVI. 

Certain duties and responsibilities will be transferred to the nominee based on a written agreement and power of attorney. The key benefit of nominee director services for offshore investors in the British Virgin Islands is that the beneficial owner or beneficial director is the one who determines the nominee’s level of actual involvement.

Nominee Director Service in BVI

The BVI nominee director will be given the authority to carry out different administrative and management tasks within the business and will also be permitted to speak on behalf of the firm. The nominee will follow the beneficial owner’s instructions for running the business in order to act on his behalf and in his best interests.

A general power of attorney reflects the relationship between the candidate and the beneficial owner. For instance, this document may give the nominee the authority to handle any business-related issues, carry out any necessary transactions, and open and manage a BVI company bank account. In order to collect debts and rent, the nominee may also enter into agreements. 


  • Privacy – The owner can maintain genuine control over the company while remaining anonymous by using a nominee director service.
  • Taxes – The use of nominee director services by the beneficial owner can help him avoid some tax repercussions in situations where he would otherwise be required to disclose the location of the company’s management and control under the tax laws of his home country.
  • Costs – Running a firm without a nominee director will result in lower annual management costs; generally speaking, the more authority given to the nominee, the greater the prices will be for this type of service.
  • Management – When a company’s owner continues to serve as a director, the organizational structure is straightforward.


The British Virgin Islands Business Companies Act 2004 outlines the duties of a nominated director in accordance with the law. A director is responsible for leading and controlling the company, and this responsibility extends to the hired nominee directors as well.

The key tasks include:

  • Duty of care– The director has described the duty of care as requiring skill and diligence. He must follow the advice of the experts, engage in conversation with other parties, and behave honestly.
  • Fiduciary duties– One of his top responsibilities is to act in a fiduciary capacity, and he must also function in a way that complies with BVI company legislation.
  • Compliance– This duty entails keeping business records and registers in accordance with the law. Any neglect or inability to follow the rules would result in a fine.
  • Information– In this regard, the business director must inform the company’s shareholders of the financial situation and reveal relevant business information to them.


If a BVI company director violates his obligations, he could be held liable for a variety of things. Directors can expect to be held accountable and receive reimbursement for any losses the firm suffers as a direct result of their violations in cases of common law violations.

Since the firm is a legal entity, the director is not directly liable for its debts and obligations, but he is responsible for any debts and obligations that may result from his own negligence or fraud. When he interprets documents issued on the company’s behalf or in the name incorrectly, he may also be accountable to other parties.

In some circumstances, liability can be reduced by good compliance and insurance coverage. Nominees and regular directors are both subject to the aforementioned obligations and liabilities in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). Furthermore, even after being relieved of his duties or resigning, a business director is still responsible for the decisions, omissions, and actions that occurred while he was serving as a company director.

The nominee director and the beneficial owner may sign an undated letter of resignation. This can be used to allow the nominee to resign at any moment, by the terms of the contract or as may be necessary under other circumstances.


  • Contact an experienced nominee director service provider such as Relin Consultants
  • Discuss your business needs and goals with the service provider.
  • Submit the following documents to the service providers to avail of the nominee director’s services:
    • A completed application
    • Identity documents for the directors and shareholders
    • Address verification for the directors and shareholders
    • a strong business plan,
    • An incorporation certificate
    • A Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • After submission, the service provider will verify the documents and approve them. After that, business owners can enjoy the nominee director’s services.

To know more about the company formation process, refer to BVI company registration.

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What does a nominee director of an offshore financial center do?

In offshore corporations, a nominee director is a person who occupies the role of director publicly but has no real influence in return for a predetermined sum of money. The candidate that management selected does not supervise or conduct audits of the business’s activities.

Is the nominee director an employee?

A nominated director, who is a third-party non-executive director hired through a contract to serve as one of the company’s directors, is indeed an employee of the firm. Unless otherwise stated, the nominee director’s position will normally be limited and passive and won’t include much involvement in the business’s executive decisions.

What is the nominee director’s purpose?

The role of nominee directors is to fill the office of director on a company’s board. They are frequently appointed to meet local requirements for a company to have at least one director who is a resident of the jurisdiction in which the business was incorporated.

Additionally, a nominee director will not be involved in your regular business activities or have access to your company’s bank account and will not own any shares of the firm.

What are nominee directorship services?

Having at least one local resident director is required by law. Therefore this is primarily done to safeguard the clients from having to disclose their identities to the public. A nominated director is given responsibility for overseeing the daily operations of the company purely on the owner’s instructions.

What are the advantages of a nominee director?

Privacy may be important to you and your organization when you start a business. You can increase your company’s level of privacy by appointing a nominee director, as the director’s name will be kept secret and out of the public eye.